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([personal profile] kill Mar. 20th, 2009 12:48 pm)
If you have an hour, DO check this out: An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube. It was made by Dr. Michael Wesch, who teaches at Kansas State University and has made several other videos regarding technology and learning and how they interact.

I think a lot of what he's saying about the internet and Web 2.0 and community and connectivity applies to Livejournal, too. I remember the difference between having an online journal, which I made with HTML and had at my own website, and what happened to my world after I got a Livejournal. People could respond with the journal I used to have at, but only by email. Everything changed with LJ: my friends, the way I communicated with them, the tone and breadth of my posts, all of it.

This video made me cry, but I'm emotional lately. It made me cry about the Numa Numa guy, for chrissakes.


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