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Still not much is going on.

Bellingham was fucking lovely. Mjark had given me a budget with which to descend upon Display & Costume and buy costuming props. I didn't have any prompting, other than the following, which I will post here because LJ does this cute little "quotes" thing when I blockquote stuff:
From Display & Costume, any of the following they have on hand, in
quantities of 2 to 4 (and I will reimburse for all of this):
feather boas
peacock feathers
costume jewelry of the clustered-diamond-bracelet/necklace variety
Mardi Gras beads
nurses' caps
fake glasses
long gloves
plume pens
false eyelashes
lace kerchiefs

When I pressed further, I got:

Basically the bulk of this is intended to provide flexible accoutrements
for the portrayal of, say, some debauched second-string Central-European
princesses between the late 1700s and maybe 1939, 1958 at the latest.
Some of the stuff is for less specific characterization -- the nurses'
caps, for example -- that may come in handy. Wigs would be on the list,
but they're SO particular...not to mention headdressy stuff
may have to suffice (unless of course you see some Just Right wigs that
are $50 or less each).


So I had a great time at Display and Costume, after some consultation with the lovely Acataphasia Grey, who has an eye for such things and would certainly have been included in the weekend's fun had she been able to get away. She told me the things that she would be able to put together herself (including costume jewelry with paste jewels (MADE OF GLASS NOT PLASTIC THANK YOU BECAUSE THEY SHINE BETTER) and cardboard. I went to D&C on the night of the huge storm in Seattle and just ran through the aisles putting things willy-nilly into my basket, especially since Cat had warned me off the more expensive stuff (the fake jewels, in particular). I already had some Mardi Gras beads and feathered masks, so I brought those up too. I'm still gathering stuff to bring. I almost bought the pink Marie Antoinette wig but it was looking rather shaggy. I thought it might work for a while, but I don't think Mjark meant THAT second-string, so I gave it a pass, especially at $45. That's wot the internet is for!

As soon as I got to Bellingham on Friday afternoon we started pawing through the $291 score that I brought from Display and Costume. And then Mjark told me the details -- that we're going to be doing some historical reenactment à la Little Me, which Mjark loves and which is fucking amazing and great and you should get it from the library because it is hilarious. It is by Patrick Dennis, who wrote Auntie Mame (which I have still managed not to see, saving it as I have been for [ profile] desolina).

So then things got out of hand and we took pictures. I don't have the JPEGs because I think Mjark is saving those for his projects but of course he's mailed me contact sheets of all the pictures.

Then we went and watched the fireworks from somewhere not too far from his house, but because we were already dressed up we each decided to go in the generic black eye-masks and cheap fake pearls we were wearing at the time. I'm sure Bellingham thought we were amusing! At least I did.

Later that night, we watched The Cockettes, which I find difficult to describe but which informed much of our weekend, and which I highly recommend to anyone.

The next day was pretty low-key, though we did hit a Salvation Army, where we found a choir robe and some terribly funny hats and a lot of stuff that was useless. Although we did find an old suitcase that was suitably aesthetically appropriate to hold all of the costuming supplies.

Then we went to Fred Meyer, at about 10PM, where our receipt listed the following items:

- facial cleansing pads
- men's underwear
- fishing line
- coat racks
- hairbrush
- a shitload of makeup
- plastic headband
- eye makeup remover
- Diet Coke
- curly bows
- hand mirror

Our checker commented on our loot, which of course tickled us.

All in all it was a great weekend. And Ian is coming to town in a few weeks, from Paris, and I've taken a few days' vacation from work so we can all go up there. I'm so excited! This time Cat will be able to make it (she was too exhausted from travelling to come with me this time).

That's all for now; more as the project(s) progress.


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