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([personal profile] kill Apr. 6th, 2009 12:36 pm)
I swear to god, Attention Deficit Disorder. Or SOMETHING. Last night I couldn't settle down to work on anything, kept doing other little useless things, alt-tabbing all over the place. Got much less accomplished than I'd planned after being derailed by the inconsideration of my boss. Bleh. Ten-week quarters aren't very forgiving about this sort of behavior. I'm not even really watching television this quarter, and surprisingly, I don't miss it. There's just too much to read on what I've got going. But I need to program my router to only work during certain times, or something.

In other news, it is a gorgeous day and the campus is bustling. I took a picture of the quad because it is just packed with people sprawled all over the grass. Love it.

Today someone was snoring so loudly in my High Renaissance Painters class that the professor heard her and said, "Is somebody snoring?" Only he was too nice to yell. I felt myself blush on behalf of both the woman and the professor. If it's any consolidation, Prof Who Won't Read This, I don't think your lectures are boring.

Dinner with Max & Rhyd tonight. I haven't seen them in months.


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