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Sometimes a musician just exists in your life, and you know them for a long time, and they become part of the background of noise that you exist with, maybe since you were a little kid. And the songs start becoming manipulated and co-opted for advertisements for various things from minivans to television shows. And then one day, you're driving home from work, and the sun is breaking through the pink and orange clouds, and the musician's song starts playingn on the radio, and you're inspired to turn the volume way up, and you realize you are A Fan of The Musician?

I am a fan of Joe Cocker.

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Timely: I realized just the other day I am a Robyn Hitchcock Fan. I have no earthly idea why it took me years or perhaps even decades to figure that out. Is it that we somehow think we're not The Kind of People who like Such Music?

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Maybe so! I mean, Joe Cocker? Really? But I realized that of all the music I heard when I was a kid on the "classics" station my mom listened to, it was Joe Cocker I liked the best. I think for a long time I didn't even know it was him. And then I knew when I was older, and never made the connection.

Matt and I like Robyn Hitchcock quite a lot, too. I learned that after I got Jewels for Sophia at the library.

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A-fucking-men to Joe Cocker.

I'm a fan of Thin Lizzy.
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I'm a fan of Billy Joel. But I'm pretty sure I was always aware of that.


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