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([personal profile] kill Mar. 3rd, 2009 07:22 pm)
Various and sundry:

Aw, the Rock and Ray Lamontagne will be on SNL on my birthday (this Saturday). It's like a little birthday present! Of course, I'll be out of town, staying with a friend who refuses to watch television. Matt and I are going up to Mjark's for an overnight. It will be Matt's first visit so it should be interesting.

I found out today that my spine surgeon is covered under the insurance I get through UW. Once the quarter is over I will start jumping through all the hoops of getting a further diagnosis. If she suggests further surgery, I am going to ask for a disabled placard and help being placed with Disability Services at school and put surgery off until August. If I want to graduate on time I cannot miss any more quarters of school, including summer quarter. If I can get the parking thing situated that will make things much easier. All of my classes next quarter are in the same building, and in the summer, I'm planning on taking an intensive first-year Italian course, so that'll all be in one place as well. It will suck and it will hurt, but I have to stay on track.

I feel like I have more to say, but I don't, really. Things are . . . things. I've got a little under two weeks left of school and a lot to do in that time. Then I am gonna read the hell out of some library books.
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