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([personal profile] kill Feb. 25th, 2009 03:26 pm)
Seriously, if Republicans honestly don't have any idea that White House watermelon gardens or cartoons about shot-dead chimps related to stimulus plans are connected to historical racial stereotypes, if they really don't know and claim to be clueless --


God, I'm sick of this bald-faced lying.

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They act as if they're the only ones out of the loop. I'm with you: I don't believe this.

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I saw that cartoon described at Pam's House Blend as a "Jar-Jar Binks moment", and thought, "Yeah, that's it exactly." I remember watching open-mouthed as that servile, floppy, freckled, futuristic Steppin' Fetchit grovelled his way across then screen. I was all, "WHAT THE HELL." I mean, I know I am not exactly the most sensitive soul, and I'm pretty clueless about a lot of racist stereotypes*, but DAMN WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE STOP STOP.

Except this is even cruder.

I can kind of see this getting past a cartoonist's own filters -- if somehow it were actually created with nongodawful intent, okay, I can understand how a person can put a couple of thoughts together in one way and then be clueless about how else those thoughts might be put together. But I can't see it getting past an editor who's doing his/her job in good faith.

And that "apology" -- ooooooh. I just love apologies of the form, "I am sorry you took that the wrong way."


* Seriously, I don't think I heard of the watermelon thing until my twenties. And apparently it's a stereotype that dogs hate black people and/or black people are afraid of dogs; I hadn't heard that one until last year. God only knows what else I'm missing.

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I was willing to think maybe he didn't think of the watermelon thing as a NEGATIVE racial stereotype, but his apology didn't even really seem to capture that (or why it isn't appropriate to be like LOOK IT'S BLACK FOOD IN THE WHITE HOUSE, as if no one else likes watermelon?).


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