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([personal profile] kill Feb. 3rd, 2009 02:29 am)
I want to go dancing. I'm not meant for it, anymore -- I've nothing to wear, and I'm too fat for the stamina it requires, but I miss the sweat and the smoke and the lights and the floor of it.

That is all.

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You know, I've been wanting to go as well. I have all my clothes still so I know you'd find something to wear and we can just go and be old and uncool and enjoy ourselves and leave when we're not. I just want to sit in the dark, and feel the bass in my bones, and smell that clove and leather smell, and forget life for a while.

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I have the same sense-memories.

School is cray-zay (I know you know what that's like) and my back is kinda fucked right now, but I definitely want to plan something. Your old clothes will be helpful. I really don't have anything at all to wear.

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Saddy nights. I'm down. We can at least have a drink and see the old crowd.

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Unfortunately the next month is going to be packed for me - all of my classes have take-home midterms of several pages, and I also have to be writing term papers of several pages for all of them as well as doing site visits for a couple of them. I feel a little overwhelmed, heh. My back is not doing too well either.

But we can definitely plan for when I'm on spring break. For SURE.


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