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([personal profile] kill Aug. 28th, 2008 08:16 pm)
I'm trying to find cheap trays made of foam in which Matt can store his Warhammer 40K miniatures ("foam figure trays") and keep getting advertisements for "full-figured foam padded bra." Hee.

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The point of the post was not to highlight the possibility, but to ridicule it. Nyah.

Meantime, you'd probably know out of everyone on my flist except Matt, is there a place that's better/cheaper to get this sort of thing than others? Can you, like, MAKE them, or are the type you'd buy better?

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LOL yeah, I'm just kiddin! :D

Lessee... First off, Matt should check this out if he hasn't already (assuming he's into terrain):

Okay, now for the foam and carrying case stuff, here's a thread with some great ideas:

The tackle box is a personal fave of mine.

Paizo (a great company in Seattle) has Reaper's foam trays listed:

Reaper makes quality products; I recommend them highly.

As for making it yerself, yeah any kind of sturdy foam will do... Just get out the xacto blade and viola! But if one wants to play it safe with their precious minis (and who wouldnt!) I recommend pre-cut foam. Plus, it's pretty inexpensive.

Hopefully this helps! And feel free to ask me anything else. :)

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Thanks! I did see the forum thread, that was quite helpful. Cost-wise it might be best to do some of the larger storage things with the layered foam.

Thanks for the Paizo link, they seem to have the best prices.

Now I just have to figure out how much he needs to get! Everything's on shelves in a closet, but I'd rather get them into something that will protect them a bit better, especially since the cat likes to snoop around in there...

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Yeah, sadly, he doesn't bring me to game with him.

Plus, them things are pointy.


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